Family history/ (Grand-) parents
Family history has often proven to be an important factor in the lives of children and young adults, who are prone to indulging in violent extremist behaviour and are recruited by extremist organisations (cf. M.K├Âttig, G.Rosenthal). It is often the case that parents and/or grandparents being involved in or witnessing say historic National Socialism or more recents scenes of war, violence and hate (eg. The Balkans, Near East, Africa) as well as corresponding experiences of victimisation indirectly still impact these children. This especially leads to extremist or and violent behaviour when information about these experiences is withheld/kept secret (de-thematised) in the families, because it is incriminating for the parents and/or grandparents.
Below are narrative passages which show the importance of family history and possible transgenerational impacts of these family histories on teenagers and young adults and their paths into extremism and violence.


Please note, that the audio sequences are only available in German